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Extra Curricula


Our chess club is a user-pay program run by our chess teacher, Jim Cannon. The class has become so popular we have had to split it into 2 ability sessions. The beginner’s class is held on Monday mornings from 8:00am–9:00am. The advanced players attend Wednesday mornings 8:00am-9:00am. Jim does a wonderful job. He has incredible patience and is able to develop the skills of every child through a positive and friendly approach. All children receive public acknowledgement of their achievements at a special assembly at the end of each year. We have had teams enter state championships and recently the National championships. 



 At this stage we offer a user-pay program for: 

  • Piano

  • Flute

  • Guitar


Students have a 1:1 session each week with the teacher at a time that suits the class teacher. Parents pay the instrumental teacher directly. Costs are very reasonable compared to outside private tuition. All inquiries can be made via the school office.



Over the year we invite various sporting organisations to do clinics with the children. This includes basketball, football, hockey, tennis, soccer and baseball. The children rotate activities while developing a range of skills and knowledge about each of the sports.   

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