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Name: Zain M.

Year Level: 5

Favourite Book: The Hunger Games series and the Percy Jackson series

Favourite Author: Suzzane Collins and Rick Riordan

Fact or Fiction? Fiction

Electronic or Hardcopy? Hardcopy

The Last word: A book can lead you to another universe, the universe of imagination.

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Bookclub Issue #1 due at school by Feb 10


VPRC begins date March 2014


Bookweek in Term 3

Tales Worth Telling

- A Book Review

Howl’s Moving Castle by Dianna Wynne Jones

I’ve chosen this title for my first review as it is the one I mention most often when asked to recommend a good read.


Rather than simply rehash the plot concisely, I’d prefer to share with you what appealed to me about the book.


Firstly, the characters, with their immaculately sculpted personalities, will remain with you long after you turn the final page and, sadly, finish the book. Despair not, however, as there are two sequels called Castle in the Air and House of Many Ways. I have read, and thoroughly enjoyed, Castle in the Air but not House of Many Ways as I only discovered its existence as a result of writing this review. Rest assured it will be the very next book that I actually finish. Generally I am not one to be impressed by sequels as they tend to be a dragging continuation of a story that that has already been told. DWJ, however, takes a whole new approach to the sequel with a result that leaves you so thankful she made the effort to write it and hoping she doesn’t stop at one! Hence my earlier excitement at discovering a further sequel to Moving Castle.


The way she creates a whole new world and keeps you wondering and guessing how it will be possible to incorporate the characters from the original book into an already rich and full tapestry of a story, is quite an art form and when she finally does let you in on the secret, you’ll be so pleasantly surprised you won’t even curse yourself for not seeing it sooner.


I hope from what I have shared with you that you run straight out and treat yourself to a DWJ title, you won’t be disappointed if reading is your thing. Dianna Wynne Jones is one of those rare authors whose words you will fall in love with and repeat to yourself on countless occasion, just to revisit their beauty.

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