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Music: Count Us In

Throughout Terms 3 and 4, Banyule Primary School students will be taking part in "Music: Count Us In", a fantastic program that celebrates music education in Australian schools.

The program will end with a whole-school performance of the 2016 MCUI Program Song, written and recorded by a group of primary and secondary school students from across Australia. The best part? We'll be singing the song at exactly the same time as over half a million other students all around the country!

Watch this behind-the-scenes video to see the 2016 "Music: Count Us In" song coming together or visit to learn more about the program.

- Mr Scapin

The 2016 Music: Count Us In ​Program Song has been released!

"Let It Play" is the song we'll be learning about this term, in the run up to singing together at the start of November.

The video, which includes lyrics, is here for you to watch. Remember, you can visit to learn more about the program.

- Mr Scapin

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