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Welcome to the BPS library information page. In this space I will be covering a variety of topics all relating to literacy and reading in one way or another.

Being that we have recently appointed and announced our Library Monitors for 2014, I thought that it would be fitting to write a section on 'What makes a good library monitor?'

I guess the first thing that comes to mind when you hear 'Library Monitor' is the basic, helpful housekeeping tasks like borrowing and returning, putting books away and general tidying and sorting, however, it's more than that, so much more...

As the Library Monitors develop their skills and become proficient in these day-to-day tasks at the library they will discover that their role doesn't just stop there. From performing those somewhat mundane tasks they will develop a knowledge of the collection they take care of and be able to offer informative advice to their classmates. By overseeing circulation amongst borrowers they will develop an understanding of how to increase and improve the borrowing habits of their fellow students. They will have an opportunity to share what they know with all of their classmates and work as a team to care for and utilise the library to its full potential.

I look forward to working with and sharing what I know about the library with the Monitors and in turn everyone in the school, students, staff and parents included.


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