Our 2014 Library Monitors

The library monitors for 2014 are as follows:

1/2C – Logan R and Tori N-G;

1/2D – Rory H and Hannah H;

1/2F – Roy L and Catherine M;

1/2G – Benjamin S and Hanna H;

1/2H – Kelan C and Sophie C;

1/2T – Cody M and Mia M;

1/2V – Gabriel M and Yasmin H;

1/2W – Phoenix S-D and Allanahh X-S;

3/4B – Callum C and Ashley M;

3/4D – Callum G and Ella L;

3/4N – James M and Amber S;

3/4S – Matthew H and Phoenix C;

5/6M –Hayley F-D;

5/6H – Harrison B and Tegan H;

5/6S – Anthony D and Shikha R.

We will be having a morning tea in the Music Room, following assembly, on Monday the 17th of March, 2014 to celebrate their appointment.


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