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Enrichment Classes Term 1 2020 

Enrichment classes are held in the office next to Mrs Ducie’s classroom in the Grade 2 Building. During the year Grades 1- 6 students will be offered a variety of enrichment classes.

Class teachers select children from their class to fill the available places in the activities offered.

For Term 1, 2018 the following enrichment classes are running.

Grade 2

Maths Enrichment( 1 hour Wednesday 9:00am)

The children will complete problem solving activities that have more than one possible answer and they are encouraged to find as many solutions as they can. They will then explain the strategies they used and discuss difficulties encountered. Problems may involve, numbers, shapes, location or chance.

Lego Technics Construction ( 2 separate groups – I hour each Friday 9:00am  and 11:30 am)

Students use LegoTechnics kits to build models. This involves constructing models from plans and discussing the science behind the model. Models are based on real life machines. The use of simple machines - levers, gears, pulleys, inclines and wheels are included in models.

Grade 3/4

Robotics ( 2 separate groups– 1 hour each Wednesday 10am , 2:30pm)

Students program Edison Robots to complete a variety of tasks. Edison Robots are capable of tracking lines, sensing - objects, light, sound, moving forwards and backwards with single or dual drives, and playing simple sounds.


Grade 5/6

Robotics ( 2 separate groups– 1 hour each Wednesday 10am , 2:30pm)

Students program  Lego Robots to complete a variety of tasks. Wedo Robots are capable of tracking sensing – objects and light, sound, moving forwards and backwards, playing simple sounds and sending text messages to the computer or Ipad.. Students learn to program the robots using the Wedo software. They discuss the scientific principles and real life applications of the models constructed. They will have opportunities to modify and experiment with construction and programming.




Grades 3/4 and 5/6

Tournament of Minds (TOM) training.(  One 3/4 class Friday 10am, one 5/6 class 1 hour 12:30 pm)

Tournament of Minds is an international body that conducts competitions in creative thinking and problem solving. The Northern Metropolitan Regional finals are held at Latrobe University in August. This class is to give practice in the type of problems they will encounter if they are selected to participate in the competition in August.

Children are given practice in creative thinking to solve a long term (6 week) problem and quick spontaneous tasks. They will be selecting one of the past long term problems to tackle They will need to work as a team and write a script that creatively answers challenging criteria that is presented in an interesting scenario.

There are Youtube videos showing schools presenting past problems if you wish to search for examples. Also the Tournament of Minds website – gives useful information if you wish to know more.



Gateways is a private company that offers a range of enrichment activities designed for gifted and talented students.  We have chosen to make referrals Gateways as  a number of parents and children at Banyule have showed a desire to participate.

 Gateways email the school with a list of activities that they are offering. Teachers pass on the information to students they consider may be interested in and may benefit from the experience. The programs usually cost about $100 for a program held on a single day and around $225 for a program held over 4 half days (usually a week apart.)

To gain a position in a program notes need to be returned to Mr Warwick promptly so that he may register interested students for a position. Gateways then make an offer and request payment if positions are still available.

The school has no commercial or any other arrangement with Gateways and all dealings with them are done directly with parents once Gateways email an offer. The school is not involved in what is now a private arrangement between parents and Gateways.

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