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Physical Education

Physical Education Prep to Year 2

Students participate in weekly Physical Education lessons, where they engage in a variety of games and activities that provide the basis for developing the knowledge, understanding and skills students need to lead healthy, safe and active lives. They work independently, in small groups or as a whole class, unitising a range of sports equipment.

The Banyule Primary Physical Education program provides the opportunity for students to learn through movement. It teaches students the correct technique when performing a range of Fundamental Movement Skills such as running, jumping, skipping, balancing, hopping, leaping, dodging, throwing, caching, kicking, rolling and bouncing. At the end of the year, students engage in an exciting House Sports Day where they get to demonstrate their skills in a range of fun activities. 

In addition to the weekly sessions the students participate in, we are also fortunate to have access to external clinics and programs including gymnastics, basketball and AFL.

Health Education Prep to Year 2

Lessons regularly focus on Health, where students explore healthy habits, food and nutrition, the human body, how to keep safe in different environments, understanding their own personal strengths and challenges, identifying different feelings and emotions and our responses to these, describing physical and emotional changes that occur as we grow older.

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