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Each class unpacks these values and comes up with ways to demonstrate their understanding, and how they can be demonstrated. Expected behaviour across the school is derived from our values so that there is a positive culture which fosters successful learning.

It addresses undesirable behaviour and what to do if you are on the receiving end of any type of bullying at all. Bullying is not acceptable and if it does occur we deal with it swiftly and effectively. We try to build a sense of resilience with children so they can react appropriately and put problems into perspective.

We use positive reinforcement to encourage desirable behaviour whenever possible rather than wait and reprimand if undesirable behaviour occurs.


At Banyule Primary School, we understand that learners need to be curious, not be afraid to make mistakes, put in the effort and seek feedback when possible.

Banyule students know these values and can explain why each of them is so important.

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