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Digital Technologies

Banyule Primary School understands the continuing evolution of ‘Digital Technologies’. As such, BPS is striving to incorporate a myriad of technologies across the school and in the classroom; helping to prepare students for a digital future.


We recognise the importance of creating informed ‘Digital Citizens’ who can navigate and collaborate online in a safe and respectable way.


With an eye to the future, BPS has invested in providing students with the resources to develop their digital understanding. We currently have a ratio of 1:2 Laptops per student and several iPads per classroom. These resources are integrated across all aspects of our curriculum and are used beyond simple word processing and publishing.


Digital Technology at BPS is not just about hardware, we want to provide students with the opportunity to become creative and confident content developers, with an emphasis on collaboration, application and using specific ways of thinking about problem solving.

Software such as Seesaw and Google Apps For Education, allow students to share their work with parents, collaborate across combined student and teacher groups and create online learning spaces where students can access their work from school and at home.

Banyule Primary School will continue to prioritise innovative and creative integration of technology across our curriculum. Working alongside our students’ families, we believe we can provide our students with every opportunity for their digital future.

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