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Student Welfare

We believe that happy kids learn!  As a result, student welfare is an area of constant focus at Banyule PS. Much time, effort, energy and professional development is devoted to this area. The school believes strongly that no learning can take place, if a child’s emotional wellbeing is adversely affected. Many Student Wellbeing programs and initiatives have been established to take a proactive approach in this area.  

However there are times when students may require some additional support to meet their social, emotional or academic needs.  This can happen in a number of ways:

  • All government schools have access to support services such as speech pathologists and educational psychologists if required. Students who qualify may receive therapy sessions or educational assessments may be conducted to gain further insights into their learning needs. 

  • We have several support staff who work alongside classroom teachers to provide assistance to students with identified needs in literacy and numeracy across the whole school.


  • ​We conduct student support group meetings for students with diagnosed needs to set and monitor progress with identified personal goals. We monitor the progress of these students quite rigorously and provide a differentiated program to cater for their needs.


  • Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are provided for all students who may be identified as needing extra support to reach expected curriculum level OR to extend and challenge students who are achieving at a very high level. Personal goals are identified on these plans with an outline of what the school is doing to cater for their needs and suggested activities for you to do at home to support the teacher.

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