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Banyule Primary School Enrolment information

Letter from the Principal.

Dear potential new Banyule P.S. families,

Please see the slideshow of information to help you with your enrolment enquiries.

Banyule P.S. is a fast growing school with limited resources. As such, we have been granted an enrolment ceiling. This means we can only accept families who are actually living in our school zone. To see if you qualify, please go to

You will quickly see (after typing in your address) if you are in our zone. If so, please contact the school enrolment officer (Allisha Pike : 0394590732) and provide proof of residency before requesting enrolment forms and organise a tour if you wish.

Enrolments for ALL government schools begin in Term 2 each year.

* The above information is available as a Powerpoint download here.

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