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Children will spend most of their class time with their own teacher, however, there are also specialist programs and extra-curricular activities available to all. All children will spend one hour a week with the following specialist teachers: 

  • Visual Arts (held in our huge and well-equipped art building)

  • Performing Arts/Music (held in our spacious music room)

  • LOTE/Mandarin

  • Physical Education (Sport)

  • Library (located in our soon to be built state-of-the-art main building)


Extracurricular opportunities include:

  • Instrumental Music Program: (1:1 private half hour sessions for piano, flute, recorder, guitar and violin)

  • Chess Club online (Beginners class on Monday mornings 8:00am -9:00am  and Advanced class Wednesday mornings 8:00am -9:00am)

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