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Student Leaders


Our student leadership program also contributes to a positive learning environment for students. Our student leadership is as follows: 

  • School Captains: (Two Students) They give out student awards at assemblies on Mondays, make speeches and head the Junior School Council.

  • JSC (Junior School Council): This consists of one student from each class. They meet weekly to discuss such things as charities to support and possible school improvements.

  • House Leaders: Every student is allocated a house when they start school. There are four houses: Banksia (Blue), Grevillea (Red), Hakea (Yellow) and Warratah (Green). Every house has two leaders from Grade 6. Both leaders are responsible for leading Sustainability and Sports for student meetings across the school. They also meet weekly on a Monday to discuss school and learning improvements.

  • Peer Mediators: All grade 5 and 6 students are trained as peer mediators. Two students are on duty each recess and lunch time and are identified by a hi-vis vest they wear over their uniform. Mediators can help other students with such things as resolving issues related to games or suggesting activities to keep students active and occupied.

  • Sustainability Leaders: All classes have a Sustainability representative. These students meet reguarly to discuss the best ways to be even more sustainable at Banyule Primary School. They also organise whole school events.

  • Buddies: All preps have a big buddy from grade 6. The buddy program happens fortnightly. The senior students plan and facilitate activities to do with their prep buddies under the guidance of the teachers. This program is very successful and loved by both the big and little kids.

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