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Every child will participate in one hour of each the following specialist programs per week:


  • Visual Arts: Our free standing, spacious art room is ideal for art lessons. This wonderful facility promotes creativity and  exploration.


  • Library: All children have an hour of library each week. We have over 10,000 books available for student borrowing. Our library is a state-of-the-art facility and our library program is facilitated by a trained professional.


  • LOTE/Mandarin:  Children experience the language and various aspects of Chinese culture. In a multi cultural society we find this approach is both relevant and interesting.


  • Performing Arts: All children have an hour of performing arts where they sing, dance, play instruments, perform and participate in group and partner activities designed to help children express their creativity and imagination.


  • PE/Sport: We have full time PE/Sport teachers. Each class will receive one hour of PE with the specialist but will also attend other sessions throughout the week with class teachers. Younger students participate in PMP (Perceptual Motor Program) where concepts such as: over, under, between, through etc. are reinforced during gross motor activities. All students are taught FMS (Fundamental Motor Skills) such as throwing, rolling, skipping, catching, hopping, jumping etc.. This then leads into games, rules and eventually inter-school sport. BPS is part of the Heidelberg District Sports Association. We compete against other local schools for inter-school sports, swimming carnival, cross-country and athletics. We also have a number of sports clinics throughout the year such as soccer, tennis, hockey and football.

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