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2020 Staff


Principal:  Sharon Marmo

Assistant Principal: Natalie Shanahan

Administration Team: Betty Horan (Business Manager), Kathy Ralph (Admin Assistant), Allisha Pike (Admin Assistant), Anand Ramakrishan (ICT), Philips Abraham (ICT), Rebecca Jowett (First Aid)

Prep Team: Nicole Batchelder (Team Leader), Daniel Johnson, Rachel Burgess and Ashleigh Mefflin.


Grade 1 Team: Kate Ducie (Team Leader), Tara Yin, Nadia Amor, Vanessa Bennett, Nicole Thoonen, Fabienne Parker.

Grade 2 Team: Edward Smith (Team Leader), Claire Johnston, Mikayla Alderson, Warren Gray and Kirsty Blacker.

Grade 3/4 Team: Elizabeth Hondromatidis (Team Leader), Diana Moyle, Isabelle Iliopoulos, Jayden Stapleton, Ria Schnittler, Chelsea Nickson, Maria Wise, Katela Chrisanthopoulos and Zoe Pannam.

Grade 5/6 Team: Sam Doody (Team Leader), Jeanene Margiolakis, Simon Nolan, Michael Webb, Dora Greig, Monique Galpin, Matt Tanswell and Trent Miles.

SIT Leadership

English: Jessica Ray

Maths: Claire Johnston

Digital Technologies: Michael Webb

Assessment: Jeanene Margiolakis

Specialist Teachers

Art:  Renee Rawlinson (2 - 6) and Sarah Nedelkos (Prep - 1).

LOTE: Emma Fang, Liangzhe Xu.

Performing Arts:  Stephanie Daniel and Aleksis Payne.

PE/Sport:  Luke Nedelkos (3-6) and Michelle McTaggart (P-2)

Library:  Olivia Drljo

Student Well-being: Monique Galpin

High Ability Practise Leader: Trent Miles

Student Support Team

Reading Recovery:  Ruth Stephens

Support Staff:  Jane Cockett, Erin Jorgenson, Fleur Bennett-Smith, Olivia Drljo, Kim Smith and Christie Buswell

EAL (English as Additional Language): Pina Brancolino

Student Enrichment Program: Katela Chrisanthopoulos, Jane Cockett, Mara Stevenson.

Tutors: Jane Place and Bree Klein

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