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Banyule Building Works 2022-2025

In the 2020-21 state budget Banyule Primary was allocated $12.386 Million for modernisation works. 

Modernisation and revitalisation of Banyule Primary School includes the demolition of existing old classrooms and admin rooms and the provision of a  new double-story classroom block, single-story admin building and renovation of the art room, bringing the school to its proper entitlements and completing the masterplan.

Intended Timeline

2023 Term 1

Completion of the administration building.

2023 Term 2

Demolition of the main building and commencement of double-story learning block. 

2024 Term 1

Completion of the main double-story learning block and demolition of the grade 2 building.

2024 Term 4

Completion of the landscaping and adventure playground.

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